The SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH COLLOQUIUM 2023 ( SSRC 2023) exploring interdisciplinary perspectives in Social Science research was inaugurated on December 1st .Dr. P G Sankaran, Vice Chancellor of Cochin University of Science and Technology ( CUSAT), added to the fervor of the occasion with an insightful inaugural address, highlighting the importance of collaborative endeavors in pushing the boundaries of Social Sciences research. The inauguration was a testament to the institutions’ commitment to fostering an environment conducive to scholarly inquiry and collaborative research endeavors in the field of Social Sciences. 

In alignment with the theme of Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Social Science research, Social Sciences Research Colloquium 2023 witnessed an engaging and insightful Conference Workshop on “Data Visualization and Storytelling using Power BI,” led by esteemed resource person Dr. Shailesh Sivan, hailing from the Department of Computer Science at Cochin University of Science and Technology on 1st December 2023.Day one of the Social Science Research Colloquium featured two engaging tracks led by esteemed professionals. Dr. Sindhu George, Associate Professor at FISAT, chaired the first track, exploring “Global Perspectives on Customer-Centric Strategies,” hosted in the Training Hall.Dr. G Sashi Kumar, Principal at SSTM, together with Dr. Filomina George, Director Compliance at SCMS, chaired the second track, delving into “Sustainable Business and Ethical Management.”
Running in parallel, both tracks offered attendees a comprehensive panorama of contemporary business practices. The event was characterized by impassioned discussions, illuminating presentations, and interactive dialogues.

 The second day of the Social Sciences Research Colloquium 2023 commenced amidst a palpable sense of intellectual enthusiasm, heralding yet another day of profound discussions and enlightening exchanges. Dr. Filomina George, Director Compliance, SCMS served as the Chair for Track 3 discussions on ‘Global Dynamics and Financial Resilience,’ and parallelly, the Students Track (Track 4), co-chaired by Dr. Praveena K, Assistant Professor, MBA and Dr. Sheena K, HOD-BBA, SSTM delved into the nuances of educational paradigms. The sessions seamlessly transitioned into captivating dialogues encompassing ‘Leadership and Digital Transformation’ (Track 5), chaired by Dr. Ranjana Mary Varghese from XIME, Kochi, and ‘Sustainable Business and Ethical Management’ (Track 6), led by Dr. G Sashi Kumar, Principal, SSTM and Dr. Geo Jos Fernandez, Dean, Albertian Institute of Management. The day concluded on a high note with Track 7, delving into ‘Global Perspectives on Customer-Centric Strategies,’ under the guidance of Dr. Smitha Siji, Associate Professor from Rajagiri Business School.

Excellence in research illuminates the path to progress,” remarked amidst the accolades as Mr. Abhijith R, a distinguished Research Scholar representing the Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, under APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Trivandrum, clinched the prestigious Best Paper Award at the Social Sciences Research Colloquium 2023. His insightful study, ‘Behavioural Biases and Investment Performance: A Look Beyond Rationality’, shone brightly amidst a diverse field of participants. Additionally, Ms. Amrutha Nair, a standout from PGDM Batch 31, was celebrated for her exceptional contribution, earning the Best Student Paper Award for her research titled ‘Exploring the Interplay of Workplace Humour, Employee Well-being, and the Mediating Influence of Psychological Safety’. This recognition marks a testament to the dedication and excellence in the pursuit of knowledge among emerging scholars.

The curtains fell on the Social Sciences Research Colloquium 2023 at SCMS Cochin School of Business on 2nd December, 2023, culminating in an intellectual crescendo that echoed through the seminar halls. Dr. Lishin M.J, Assistant Professor, PGDM set the stage with a warm welcome, followed by the insightful report on the event’s accomplishments by Mr. Sebastian Joy, Assistant Professor, MBA . Dr. Baiju Radhakrishnan, Group Director, SCMS Group of Educational Institutions delivered the presidential Address . Dr. Omkumar Krishnan, the esteemed Chief Guest and Professor from IIM Kozhikode, offered profound insights into the evolving educational landscape. Dr. Meera M.S, Associate Professor, MBA concluded the session with a gracious Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude to all contributors. SSRC 2023 not only fostered academic discourse but also showcased SCMS Cochin School of Business’s dedication to nurturing innovation and scholarly pursuit.