Dr. G P C Nayar

Chairman, SCMS Group

We live in interesting times. At last the consumer has become the king. Revolutionary changes in the field of economic activity have brought in its train a lot of freedom to the consumer at the market place. He can now rightfully demand quality in products, services, healthcare and why, in every area of human endeavour. Institutions which can upgrade to global standards only can hope to survive in this new millennium that has just dawned upon us. Institutions that provide state-of-the-art systems of teaching and training on par with the best in the world only can survive in this highly competitive world of ours. We, at SCMS COCHIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS focus on quality at any cost and that is why in such a short time we have become a leading academic institution of excellence in our country. Today, SCMS COCHIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS is ranked as a TOP B-SCHOOL of INDIA with Indian Accreditation from NBA and Global Accreditation from ACBSP, USA.

We extend a very hearty welcome to those who join us in this stupendous task aimed at excellence.

Let us move together with the courage of conviction !!