Mr. Aravind R.

PGDM Batch 24 (2015 -2017)
Financial Crime Risk Analyst
PayPal USA

Hi, my name is Aravind, I am an engineer with a postgraduate degree in Operations Management. 

I did my engineering from NSS College of Engineering and my PGDM from SCMS Cochin School of Business. I have been in the field of financial crime prevention analyst for six years and currently working as aFinancial crime risk analyst at PayPal USA. I was previously associated with Thomas Cook India Ltd in the Anti-money laundering wing of Thomas Cook.

SCMS Cochin, being a renowned business school, equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in my professional career. SCMS offered a well-designed curriculum that covered various aspects of business management, finance, marketing and operations, which helped me to build a strong foundation in business concepts and principles. The School also emphasized practical learning through case studies and integrated management learning platforms, which enabled me to apply theoretical knowledge to real business challenges. SCMS also provided students with exposure to the corporate world through guest lectures, industry visits, and internships, which made me, gain insights into the business world, network with potential employers, and understand industry trends. SCMS also offered a dedicated placement cell that assisted me in securing internships and job placements.

Most cherished memories in SCMS often revolve around personal and professional growth experiences. During my life in SCMS, my most cherished memory was securing first position in a management fest conducted at Rajagiri School of Management wherein my fellow teammate and me secured first position in a business planning competition defeating almost 50 candidates. We were toldto develop a business plan for a film theatre in a remote village with cost constraints and were successfully able to develop a plan, which was congratulated by all eminent judges in the competition. My first experience in case presentation in front of a large audience still gives me cherishing memories of excitement and pressure management. This was possible because of the IMLP sessions that gave me confidence to articulate.

As a Risk Analyst at PayPal, my primary responsibility is to ensure the security and integrity of our payment platform. I analyze and assess potential risks, employing data-driven strategies and cutting-edge technologies to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I contribute to the development of robust risk management solutions, safeguarding both our company and valued customers from potential threats. Working at PayPal has been a truly rewarding experience. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer trust aligns perfectly with my professional values. I have the privilege of being part of a talented and dynamic team that thrives on delivering top-notch solutions and driving positive change in the financial technology space.

The financial sector is constantly changingas a result of quick technological improvements. Innovative businesses like PayPal are leading the way in utilizing cutting-edge technology like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and mobile payments, which present new potential for efficiency, security, and enhanced consumer experiences. To reduce fraud and financial hazards, the financial sector significantly relies on data analytics and risk management. Companies can improve their security procedures as these capabilities continue to develop, providing secure and dependable financial transactions. PayPal has a lot of potential for growth and development because it embraces technical innovation and customer- centricity. Individuals with expertise in areas like data analytics, cybersecurity, finance, and customer experience will find plenty of possibilities to contribute and grow their careers as the market continues to change.

One of my greatest passions in life is travelling, as it allows me to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. I am always eager to embark on new adventures, whether it is hiking in the mountains, strolling through historic cities, or relaxing on pristine beaches. Additionally, reading is an essential part of my daily routine.