DR. Poornima Narayanan

Professor , General Management

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D. in Economics, Department of Applied Economics, Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • MA in Economics, Department of Economics, Kerala University Centre, Kariavattom

Employment History

  • Associate Professor, SCMS School of Technology and Management (August 2004 to May 2016)
  • Joined as Professor on February 2021 at SCMS Cochin School Of Business.

Teaching Interests

  • Economics for Managers
  • Indian Economy
  • Research Methodology
  • Gender Studies

Research Interests

  • Gender health
  • Women’s studies


  • ‘The Role of Participatory Communication in Tracking Unreported Reproductive Tract Issues in Marginalized Communities’Information Technology for Development(2014): The Role of Participatory Communication in Tracking Unreported ReproductiveTract Issues in Marginalized Communities, Information Technology for Development.
  • ‘Mitigating Gaps in Reproductive Health Reporting In Outlier Communities of Kerala, India – A Mobile Phone-based Health Information System’, Journal of Health Policy and Technology, June 2012, Issue 2, published on behalf of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine, UK, by Elsevier.
  • ‘Determinants of epidemic susceptibility and role of ICTs: A preliminary framework for acute type response in Kerala State’, Accepted for publication in International Journal of e-Adoption, January 2013
  • “Providing Cost-effective Health Care Through People’s Participation”, Health Action, October 2007
  • “Work-Force Indexation: Kerala Scene”, SCMS Journal of Indian Management, October- December 2007
  • “Institutionalising Participatory Health Care Services”, Health action, July, 2008

Conferences Papers Presented:

  • ICEG 2010 (April 2010): International Conference on e- governance held at IIM Bangalore. Presented a paper on ‘Determinants of Epidemic Susceptibility and the Role of ICTs: A Preliminary Framework for Acute Type Response in Kerala State’
  • European Conference on Information Systems(ECIS), 2012. Title of the paper, ‘A Mobile Phone-based ICT Solution for Reporting and Tracking Unreported Reproductive Health Problems in the Outlier Communities of Kerala, India’.
  • The Special Interest Group on Economic Development Conference (SIG GLOBDEV), 2012 Paper presented on ‘Mobilizing Participatory Communication to Track Unreported Reproductive Tract Issues Among Women in Outlier Communities’.
  • PaniyaSadas (March 2010): An international workshop organized in Wayanad District, Kerala, supported by Centre for Development Studies and University of Montreal (discussions and paper presentations the Paniya tribes in Wayanad)
  • International Conference On Microfinance And Poverty Eradication (2009): Organised by Central University of Lancashire in association with SCMS Cochin.

Research Projects

  • State-level ‘Evaluation of the Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation Program for National Rural Health Mission- Indian Academy of Pediatrics in 2011.
  • ‘Evaluation of participation of schools (in Cochin Corporation limits) in Child Friendly Schools Initiative (CFSI program of UNICEF)’, (2008) (An independent work undertaken for National Rural Health Mission and Indian Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Developed a mobile application for reporting Reproductive Tract Infections symptoms (for women in the marginalized communities) to the grass root level health worker in the public health system
  • The Social Science expert in the research team which developed ‘Patient Logistics Management System (PLMS)*- A software for tracking and monitoring incidence of communicable diseases at the Primary Health Centre level’,. (2007) (ForMicrosoft Rural Innovation Fund of MS Swaminathan Research Foundation)
  • Member of the Public Health Experts team which brought out the District Human Development Report (UNDP Project) for the District of Ernakulam, Kerala ,2009)
  • Member in the research team which did a ‘Socio-economic survey as part of Pre-feasibility Study – Urban Transport, Kochi (2009)’, (For Global Works International Project Development)
  • Member in the research team which did a ‘Situational Analysis and Need Identification of Physical Infrastructure Facilities and Social Needs of Households of Edakochi (2009)’, (For Infrastructure Kerala Limited – INKEL)
  • Member in the research team which did a ‘A Feasibility Study On Intervention Strategies Of Solid Waste Disposal Within Cochin Corporation’, (2007) (For corporation of Cochin)
  • Member in the research team, which did a ‘Facilities Study for the Corporation of Cochin For Cochin Master Plan 2020’, for Government Of Kerala. (2006)
  • ‘Report of final evaluation of BIMEG-DESH RCH Projects in Kerala State’, (2003)
  • Member in the research team which did a ‘Evaluation Of Participation Of Hospitals In BFHI (Baby Friendly Hospitals Initiative) Program In Kerala’, for Indian Academy of Pediatrics (2002)