David George

SCMS Alumni - PGDM 2005-2007 Batch Director at Risk Advisory,
Deloitte India

As a seasoned Cyber professional with one of leading consulting firm in India, my professional journey has been a testament to the transformative power of education, experience, and exposure, all of which I gained during my postgraduate diploma in management at SCMS Cochin.

Having completed my engineering at St. Joseph’s College of Engineering in Chennai, I sought a robust management education to complement my technical background. SCMS Cochin emerged as the ideal choice, providing me with a holistic learning experience that laid the foundation for the professional I am today. This shaped my ability to always envision the larger picture and efficiently manage resources, a skill set that has proven invaluable in my role in the industry. The unique opportunities offered at SCMS, including leadership roles in events such as PANORAMA, allowed me to develop and refine my managerial skills. Leading these initiatives not only enhanced my strategic thinking but also taught me the importance of effective resource management in achieving organizational goals.
Today, my role involves assisting clients both within India and abroad in understanding cybersecurity risks and assessing their readiness. I play a crucial role in guiding organizations to mature their cyber posture, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the ever-evolving and challenging cybersecurity landscape.

I am proud to attribute my success to the solid foundation laid at SCMS Cochin, an institution that not only provided academic excellence but also nurtured a holistic development approach. In conclusion, I express my gratitude to SCMS Cochin and its alumni forum for fostering an environment that encourages continuous learning, growth, and the development of well-rounded professionals. The lessons learned and the values instilled at SCMS continue to guide me in my pursuit of excellence in the dynamic field of cybersecurity and risk management.