Application For Reviewers

Inviting Prospective Reviewers

The SCMS Journal of Indian Management invites eminent academicians and subject experts to join our board of reviewers. The symbiotic relationship between reviewers and authors, as facilitated by the editorial team, is what ensures the publication of the best quality research. We are looking to collaborate with reviewers who have relevant experience in their chosen field, while actively keeping themselves updated and participating in bringing out the latest in research.

Please send in an application to with the following information included.

1. Name


3. i- index

4. H-Index

5. Google Scholar ID

6. e-mail ID

7. Designation

8. Affiliation with full address

9. Industry experience

Core Area

10. Ph.D. Details (Year of Completion, Title, University affiliation of the Ph.D.)

11. Number of Ph.Ds produced

12. Areas of expertise to review

13. Number of Publications in Indexed Journals

14. Total Number of Citations received for Publications in Indexed Journals

15. Have you served as a reviewer for any journal/ publisher before? If yes, please give details.

General Guidelines for Reviewers
  • The peer reviewer should agree to review only those manuscripts for which they have the subject expertise.
  • The peer reviewer should respect the confidentiality of the peer review process and should not reveal any details of the manuscript or its review under any circumstances.
  • The peer reviewer should not use the information from the paper for personal gains.
  • The peer reviewer should disclose all potential conflicts of interests (Personal, Professional, and Financial) to the editor.
  • The peer reviewer should not allow his/her views to be influenced by the origins of a manuscript; by nationality, religion, political belief, gender, or other characteristics of the author.
  • The peer reviewer shall be objective and constructive in his/her views and avoid derogatory remarks in reviews.
  • The peer reviewer shall ensure meticulous timeliness in forwarding the review to the editor